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JUNE 24 - AUGUST 9, 2024 | 8 AM - 4 PM

Our Story


Our unique and inclusive camp offers plenty of activities and arts integrated learning to help young people of color better understand the importance of their culture. Each day we affirm their gifts, unlock their creativity, strengthen their connection to their roots, and cultivate self-pride and confidence. We stand at the forefront of social progress by empowering children with a sense of belonging to something greater—a story that helps them feel acknowledged and worthy. 

Our program will help your child...

  • Connect to their roots and understand their identity.

  • Foster a sense of pride and self-worth.

  • Demonstrate talent and creativity.

  • Develop a level of proficiency in art, music, dance, poetry, drama, and athletics.

  • Discover the significance of their culture, in which they never knew existed.

Black boy reading a book by a window



Ask your child who’s their favorite author? Do they know? Is it a person of color? How often is your child engaged in a book? Books not only increase one’s imagination, but they also strengthen the brain and build vocabulary and reading comprehension. Through reading, we can become better speakers and writers. Reading is the most fundamental skill that will prepare your child for future success. During the summer, the C3 crew will be members of a book club. They will read and discuss books by black authors. After reading each book, they will engage in a project aligned with the theme of the book.


Members of the C3 Crew will observe, analyze, and or create paintings, drawings, videos, designs and crafts that focus on learning about black history, culture, and excellence.


Members of the C3 Crew will read and recite poetry. Choreograph dances, sing, rap, step, and engage in dramatic readings grounded in black history, culture, and excellence.


Members of the C3 Crew will engage in daily sports, conditioning, and recreational  play and games.


Members of the C3 Crew will participate in weekly field trips. The cost of field trips is included in the tuition cost.


Members of the C3 Crew will engage in skill development aligned to their grade level learning expectations.

Black little girl playing tug of war


June 24 - August 9, 2024
from 8 am - 4 pm
Morning Care starts at 7 am and aftercare is extended to 6 pm for an additional fee.
Registration fee - $100
Summer Program Tuition $1525

$1225 for the 7 week program plus $300 Field Trip and Activities Fee (due June 1)

Tuition Payment Options:
  • One full payment of $1225 for the program and one full payment of $300 for field trips due June 1.

  • 4 Bi-weekly automatic payments of $306.25  due June 21, July 5, July 19,  and August 2, and one automatic payment of $300 is due June 1.

  • 7 Weekly automatic payments of $175 are due June 21, June 28, July 5, July 12, July 19, July 26, August 2 and one automatic payment of $300 is due June 1.

  • Extended Care -  7 am - 6 pm. Additional $50 weekly, will be added to your tuition payment option.

  • Is this a licensed camp?
    Yes, Creating Cultural Capacity is licensed to host a summer camp through the Maryland State Department of Health.
  • How do I register for camp?
    Registration is done through this website.
  • Is this an educational/academic camp?
    Yes, however campers will not engage in traditional academics, such as reading, writing,and math. Campers will focus their learning on the history and culture of people of color. Learning will take place through arts integrated projects and recreational activities that help cultivate our core values.
  • What are the camp dates and hours?
    Camp starts June 26th and ends August 18th. The hours are 8am to 4pm. Early arrival and late dismissal are available from 7am to 5 pm. The fee for extended care is an additional $25 weekly.
  • How much does it cost to attend camp?
    The total cost for the summer is $1500. The $1500 includes $1200 for the summer tuition plus a $300 Activity Fee.
  • Do I still have to pay for camp if my child will be absent?
    Yes, the total cost of camp is for the 8 week program. If your child does not attend camp, tuition must still be paid on the scheduled due date.
  • How is tuition paid?
    Tuition is paid through our automatic payment processing system. Automatic payments are set up during registration.
  • I have more than one child, do you offer a sibling discount?
    There is a 10% weekly discount for families with 3 or more siblings. Therefore, the weekly cost of tuition would be $135 each week per child, only if you are enrolling 3 or more siblings. There is no discount for the activity fee. Each child is expected to pay the $300 activity fee?
  • Do you provide lunch?
    Yes, lunch is provided daily. Once registered, you may view the weekly lunch menus in the parent portal.
  • Do the campers go on field trips?
    Yes, Fridays are reserved for field trips. Field trips permission slips are signed during registration. Once registered, additional field trip information will be shared via the Parental Portal.
  • Is there an additional fee for field trips?
    No, the cost of field trips is covered through the activity fee.
  • What is the camper to staff ratio?
    There is a maximum of 15 campers per staff member.
  • Who are the staff members?
    All adult staff members have experience with working with children They have all been vetted through federal background checks.
  • Are there any teenage staff?
    Yes, there is one youth staff member who will serve as the receptionist and support groups of campers as needed.
Black children working together in classroom


Our summer camp is the perfect platform for introducing children to invaluable gifts that can help them navigate life in white-dominant societies. From exploring different outlets of expression, to engaging and challenging themselves, discovering their autonomy, confidence and communication skills along the way. Our summer program strives to equip your child with these important skills. Don't miss out on this opportunity; sign up now and provide your child with the essential building blocks they need to truly thrive!

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