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Meet the Owner


The Visionary Behind Creating Cultural Capacity


What is Creating Cultural Capacity?

Shaunta's  Story

    Shaunta Jones is a Baltimore native. She grew up in West Baltimore and attended Baltimore City and Baltimore County Public Schools. She spent much of her childhood with her grandmother in the Westport Community of South Baltimore. It was her experiences in this community that led her to serve as an educator.


    The lack of opportunities and access available in the neighborhood in which Shaunta grew up, helped her realize that she needed to be in a position that would allow her to inspire and achieve impact. 


    Shaunta earned a Bachelor's Degree from Hampton University in Virginia. After graduating from Hampton University, Shaunta continued her education at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, where she received a Masters Degree in Education. Shaunta later enrolled at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore to obtain certification in School Administration and Supervision. Shaunta began her career as a teacher in 2012, and now serves as an Assistant Principal.


    Shaunta’s upbringing and career highlight a small percentage of who she is. If you ask her, what is her greatest strength? She will always share that her strength is “being a parent".

    Shaunta’s number one passion is nurturing her children. Her parenting style focuses on setting high expectations and teaching her children self-awareness. The core values of Creating Cultural Capacity stem from the values she instills in her own children. Shaunta believes courage, confidence, creativity, competence, and curiosity, are the building blocks for raising children who are resilient, innovative, and have the ability to live and lead in their purpose. 

    Lessons and experiences provided to Shaunta’s children are grounded in the assumption that nourishing the mind and spirit develops a strong mental capacity. She believes that directing her energy towards strengthening her children’s emotional intelligence, will help them feel and believe that they have the ability to accomplish anything. This idea is what led her to create a space where other children of color can learn and grow through strong values rooted in who they are and who they can become.

    Shaunta’s ultimate goal is to help flourish a generation of children who can live authentically and "unapologetically" dominate whatever they desire. It is her dream that this group of children will understand that accomplishments are limitless. They will quickly recognize that once they believe in who they are, they will undoubtedly be unstoppable.

A Message From Shaunta!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. I hope you are as thrilled as I am to embark on an enriching summer experience. Trust that our state certified summer program is the perfect way to keep your child intellectually and physically active, happy, and engaged all summer long.

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