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Empowering Children of Color


Welcome to Creating Cultural Capacity! Our goal is to empower children of color by unlocking their history and providing them with the knowledge to build a sense of identity in a predominantly white society.

Educate, Empower, and Inspire the Next Generation of Children of Color

In January 2023, Creating Cultural Capacity, (C3) was established to empower children of color with a deeper understanding of their strengths, talents, history, and culture. Through our program, we strive to release invaluable gifts and inner confidence, so black and brown children take pride and ownership in the beauty and power of their blackness. The knowledge and skills learned throughout the summer will grow with them into adulthood. The core values fostered during the summer are meant to provide black youth with the mental capacity to navigate a system that was not built to support them. With Creating Cultural Capacity, parents have an opportunity to invest in the power that their children possess. We are committed to equipping black children with understanding who they are.

Black child painting a tree house
Black girl playing in school yard

 Unlock Your Child's Potential

At Creating Cultural Capacity, we believe that every child deserves access to their history and to understand how it impacts their culture and identity. Our goal is to provide our children, ages 6-12, a safe and nurturing environment where they can learn, grow, and be empowered. Our summer camp for children of color offers projects and arts integrated learning that focus on connecting children to their roots, understanding their strengths and abilities, and fostering a sense of pride and self-worth. 


Child painting in class


Our mission is to be a champion of black excellence, by celebrating and empowering black youth. We are dedicated to providing the tools necessary for them to experience meaningful lives fueled by purpose, ambition, and self-knowledge.



At C3 children are taught that belief and trust in their own talents and abilities cultivates a strong value in self. Confidence allows them to lead, choose optimism, and fulfill their potential. Setting goals, reciting daily affirmations, and practicing mindfulness will help build self assurance and the willpower not to seek approval from others.


Our young scholars are encouraged to take risk, choose bravery and release their inner boldness. These actions are critical to developing courage. Our scholars are challenged through opportunities to engage in productive struggle. Their growth lies in the experiences that push them beyond their comfort zones. 


At C3 we engage our scholars in activities that challenge and exercise their minds. This teaches them to become divergent thinkers, and pushes them to recognize their identity. We value living in truth, utilizing our voice, and recognizing our talents, gifts, and capabilities. They will learn to thrive in competitive environments and be equipped with the resilience to challenge the status quo.


We believe that there is an enormous amount of power in intellect. As we prepare our children for the future, we must teach them how the experiences of their past impact the opportunities and access of the present.


Inquisitively navigating through life exercises our minds and develops innovative abilities. We teach our children to have inquiring minds, in an effort to become independent thinkers. They will learn to thrive in competitive environments and be equipped with the resilience to challenge the status quo.

Black girl drawin at summer camp


Spots are Limited!
Registration Closes June 21, 2024.

Get your kids ready for a summer to remember! Our action-packed summer starts June 24th and runs through August 9th. Every morning, we'll have activities starting at 8 am until 4 pm - but don't worry extended care is offered from  7 am - 6 pm for an extra fee!

Black children reading in the grass of a park
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